Tasks Made Easy

We have just posted a couple of new wiki articles regarding Tasks to give you all you need to know about how to use Tasks – whether you are assigning Tasks or having them assigned to you.

The first article – Assigning Tasks – shows you exactly how to assign a Task (about someone) to another staff member or lay leader, what will happen when you assign it, and how you will know it’s been accepted and completed.

The second article – Accepting Tasks – shows you what to do once you have been assigned a Task, how to accept it and how to complete it.

Of course, we already had an article about Tasks in general which explains the concept of Tasks and how you can use them to quickly and easily identify your visitors and assign Tasks about each one so that they are contacted as soon as possible after their visit to your church. Check it out!

PS Remember, you can always search the wiki by keyword to find help articles.

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