New and Improved Merge Person Process

Recently, I told you about the addition of the Reverse links on a person’s System-Changes tab. This went along with some other changes we implemented to make the move/merge person process easier. As we evaluated those changes, we decided (as we frequently do) to go not just one step further, but take a leap forward!

The result is a new Merge Controller page that lets you see the basic information for the two records side-by-side: the record on the left is the From Record and the one on the right is the To Record. It presents you with radio buttons to select which pieces of information you want for the record you are keeping. You can even add Alternate Values if there is information that is not correct on either record.

There is also a new user role for the person making the basic moves. It is the Manager. Your System Admin should assign it to the appropriate person (probably the person who functions as the New People Manager). The Admin can use all the functionality of the Merge Controller and does not need the Manager role.

Read the revised article on Merging Duplicates as it explains just how to use this new feature. It’s really cool!


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