Organization Schedules

For those Organizations that do not normally have Meetings, you can now remove the Schedule.  Just go to the Organization’s Settings – Attendance tab. Click Edit and then click the X beside the Schedule. Once you remove the Schedule, the word None will display on the Organization Search page as well as in the Schedule field on the Organization header.

What if the Organization needs to have an ad-hoc Meeting but no longer has a Schedule?

No problem! You can still create a Meeting and record attendance. If you want the Meeting to display for Checkin, you will need to create it ahead of time. When you create it, you will need to select the correct Day and Time. It will default to the current day, 8:00 AM. Note: You just Create a Meeting on the Meetings page; you do not have to create a Schedule.

Why should I remove Schedules from Organizations that do not normally have Meetings?

When a Member of one of these Organizations (let’s call it Org #1) attends a Meeting for an Organization with the same Schedule (Org #2), the system creates a Meeting for Org #1 in order to record an ‘Other Attend’ for that Member.

I don’t understand ‘Other Attends’ – what’s that all about?

In a nutshell, an Other Attend is an indication to a teacher that a class member has attended somewhere else or is Offsite. Be watching for another blog (with an accompanying wiki article) that will explain more about Other Attends, Attend Types, In-Service, etc.

If I haven’t removed any Schedules, why are there already Organizations in Organization Search that have a Schedule of None?

These are Organizations that had the old default Schedule (behind the scenes) of Sun 8:00 AM. We removed those in the database.

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