New Type of VoteLink Called ‘RegisterTag’

There is a new type of VoteLink called a RegisterTag, that you can imbed in an email that will actually take your recipients to the Options page of a registration without their having to log in or enter any of their information to get there.

This is different from the normal VoteTag, which immediately enrolls a person in your organization but does not allow you to capture any other information or collect fees.

Here is the format:

<registertag id=124>Register Now!</registertag>

In this example, 124 is the ID number of the registration Organization. Register Now! is the text they will see. Just type the link, formatted as above, into the body of the email and send it to your targeted audience. They will love the fact that you have eliminated the step of  their either logging in or entering their information in the form.

This is perfect when you have a registration with a fee or that has questions, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc. In other words, a registration that is more than just enrolling the person in an Organization.


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