Big Changes on Org Settings

We have made sweeping changes to the Settings tab on an Organization. These changes were designed to make these Settings easier to use by separating them in to six different categories/tabs. We did this also to make it easier for staff users to set up their own online registrations without needing an Admin to do it for you. The General and Attendance tabs relate to all Organizations and the others to those that have online registrations.


Part of this change is the addition of my favorite tool – the hover thingy, otherwise known as the Tool-Tip! These are now attached to the labels on these pages to help you understand how those features are used.

Treat yourself on a self-guided tour! Go to an Organization and click on the Settings tab. Then look at each of the six tabs, taking time to hover over the fields to see the descriptions. Even if you have not created online registrations yet, it is good for you as a user to know what is available for any of your future needs.

Please let us know if you have any problems using these or if you notice something that might not be clear. We try to test thoroughly; but, as you know, we publish changes quite frequently and sometimes we miss something.

Thank you, Chris, for all of your help with this.



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