Joined and Drop Dates Displayed

The next time you look at an Organization, notice on the Members, Inactive and Pending tabs that we add the Joined date for the individuals. It is located atop the Last Att. date. You can sort by either of these dates.

Also, notice on the Previous tab, that we have added the Dropped date. It is also atop the Last Att. date and both are sortable.

But wait.there’s more! We added the same information to the Enrollment tab for a person. On the Current tab, there is now a column labeled Enroll Date and on the Previous tab there is now a Drop Date in addition to the Enroll Date.

This information was already assessable from a person’s Member Dialog box when you click Attendance to view the Transaction History. We just thought it would be more helpful to also have it readily in view. These are seemingly small changes, but will be beneficial as you analyze your Organizations, its Members and Previous Members.


One thought on “Joined and Drop Dates Displayed

  1. Jeremy Mavis

    I noticed it before you advertised it!

    As we have just started using BVCMS this “info readily available” like enrollment date and last attended is helpful as we make sure people are joined in the right organization and members, not visitors.




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