Meetings Page Enhancements

This week, we added two new features to the Meetings page: one relates to Meeting Descriptions and the other relates to Inactive Organizations.

Regarding the Description on a Meeting: If there is a Description on a Meeting, it will now display on the Meetings page to the right of the Leader. A couple of examples of when this might be needed would be if there is a special speaker instead of the normal service or when there is inclement weather and attendance might be really low. Notice in the screenshot below – there is no column header for Description, so the only time you will notice this is if there is actually a Description on the Meeting.


Regarding the Inactive Orgs: If an Organization is no longer Active or if it was Inactive on the date you selected for the Week at a Glance Report and you drill down to that Division or Meeting, you would want to see the attendance. So, we are now displaying those Organizations automatically and are shading them in gray so you will notice them. Notice the 6:30 PM Young Adult class in the screenshot below. Note: If you approach the Meetings Page from the Organization Search, and you are going to look at a date in the past, you will probably want to change your search criteria to include both Active and Inactive Organizations.


These are just a couple of small changes, but changes that we think will be helpful as you analyze your data.


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