Scheduled Emails

We have had this feature for several months now, but I don’t think we have ever advertised it publically. However, if you send emails using BVCMS, you probably noticed the text beside the Send button: Scheduled Date and Time, etc. This is where you can indicate the date and time that an email is to be sent. Compose your email as usual and then enter the schedule information in the text box using the following format.

mm/dd/yy h:mm AM|PM

Example: If you want the email to be sent Sept. 30 at 5:00 AM Central Time. You would enter this in the text box:   09/30/11 5:00 AM

Warning: If you are using a query for your mailing list, the query will not run again at the time the email is scheduled to be sent. It determines who will get the email when you create the email and schedule it.

This just might keep you from having to wake up earlier than normal!


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