Changes on Org Search Page

We have moved the links for all of the exports and reports that were at the bottom of the search page – like ‘Create Roll Sheets’ and ‘Meetings’ report. They are now tucked away under a drop down menu – Exports and Reports. You will notice this on the right side of the Organization Search page.

Regarding the Meetings report. As always, the report will be based on whatever criteria you have in the Organization Search box. In other words, every Organization you are looking at on the search page will be on the Meetings Report. I prefer to filter by Program/Division/Schedule myself. The added features include a summary under the list of Meetings. This summary lists the total number of Meetings displayed, the total number of Attends, the Other Attends and finally the total number of People who attended any of the meetings listed.

We will be discussing this report as well as the Week at a Glance report in our upcoming webinar on ‘Meetings, Attendance and Week at a Glance’ this Thursday Sept. 15  at 10:00 a.m.


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