On-Line Registration Confirmation Change

We have made a slight change to what displays when you use the code {details} in an on-line registration confirmation email. We no longer include the amount paid in the details for each person registering.

What was previously being displayed was the total amount paid. Therefore, if a person registered more than one individual, it might appear that he was double-charged, as they would see the total amount in the details for each person.

If you want to include in the confirmation emails how much has been paid, just use this code in the text of your confirmation – {paid}.


If a family registers 3 children for Friday Night Childcare and are charged $6 per child with a family maximum of $10, you could put something like this in the confirmation:

Thank you for registering your children for Friday Night Childcare. Your credit card has been charged a total of {paid}.

They would see $10 in place of {paid}.

This would let the person registering know the total they have paid. Using the {details} code in the email will still display the name of the person registering and any other details in that registration – like a shirt size or a checkbox or drop down that was selected – just not an amount.

So, if you have active registrations and you want the registrant to see how much was paid, you will want to make changes on the Confirmation email.

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