Manage Divisions on Organization Search Page

For those of you with the Org Tagger role, you will notice that we have given you a much more user-friendly way to manage Divisions. It is with the Manager link on the Organization Search page.

When you click this link, Manage Divisions appears. This is where you can Create, or Rename Divisions as well as Add or Remove Organizations from the Target Divisions.

To create a new Division, just select the Target Program in which you want the Division to go. Then type the name in the New Division text box and then click the New button. Notice that the new Division then become the Target Division.

Now all you do is click the Add link beside the Organizations to add them to the new Division. If you no longer want the Organizations in their old Division, just select that old Division as the Target Division and then click Remove beside the Organizations.

A word about the role Org Tagger. That may sound like a strange name, but it perfectly describes the action. You are ‘tagging’ Organizations with a Division or Divisions.


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