Multiple Divisions & Main Divisions

Managing Divisions for an Organization has just gotten easier!

As you know, an Organization can be in more than one Division. For example: 1st Grade Girls is in Life Groups:Children as well as in Life Groups: First Grade. Life Groups is the Program and Children and First Grade are two Divisions in that Program.

Whenever you see an Organization in a list or in a tool-tip, the Division that is displayed is what we call the Main Division. This is also what prints on roll sheets and other reports/exports.

We have just made it much easier for you to, not only see at a glance all the Divisions for an Organization, but also to change which one is the Main Division or add the Organization to another Division.

Go to an Organization and look at the header – that’s the section on the Organization page that gives the basic information about that Organization, such as the Name, Schedule, Divisions, Location, etc. Now, instead of seeing a Main Division listed and a dropdown for Other Divisions, you will see a section named Divisions. There you will see all of the Divisions that this Organization is in. The Division at the top of the list is the Main Division.

Click in that area to open the Divisions Dialog Box. That’s where you can make a Division the Main Division by clicking Move to the Top. That is also where you can select other Divisions in which you want to place this Organization.

If you have more than 17 Divisions, you will want to search for a Division to narrow the list. We’ve made that pretty simple, too. Just type part of the name of the Division and press Search. You can also type in the ID# if you happen to know it. All Divisions that match what you typed will be displayed. Just check the box beside the one you want and then press Close to add the Organization to that Division.

Speaking of Division ID#s, if you hover over the name of a Division on the new Divisions Dialog, you will see the ID#. It is also the number that is in parentheses beside the Division in a tool-tip.

I really like that you can see all the Divisions at a glance on the Organization page and that it is so easy to manage an Organization’s Divisions. I think you will, too!


2 thoughts on “Multiple Divisions & Main Divisions

  1. Sandy Prowant

    I love the fact that you can see all the Divisions at a glance. This will definitely make my job a lot easier. Thanks for thinking of this!!!



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