Meetings and Enrollment Dates

Recently, we made a change regarding how the system determines who to display on a Meeting page when you are recording attendance so that only those people who were Members at the time of the meeting will display when you click Enable Editing or Show All.

This will prevent you from marking a person present as a Member for a Meeting that pre-dates his Enrollment Date or marking a Visitor present if the Meeting pre-dates the date of their first visit to that class.

What if you need to recreate Attendance history? How do you add Members to an Organization and go back in time to create Meetings and record their attendance? That’s really simple.

Once your Members have been added to the Organization, change their Enrollment Date to a date prior to the first Meeting in which you need to record Attendance.

To do this for one person at a time, go to their Member Dialog, click Edit and change the Enrollment Date.

To change the Enrollment Date for everyone in the Organization, click the Update Members button on the Organization page. Then, click Select All, click in the box next to Enrollment and, using the calendar, select the Enrollment Date you want to assign for them. Then just click Update Selected.

Now you can create the Meetings and the Members will display.

One thought on “Meetings and Enrollment Dates

  1. KiKi Hadden

    This was VERY helpful to me. Thank you for such an awesome database plus. Your hard work shows through the many user friendly features. It just keeps getting better and better!



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