New Look

Remember the joke about the man who came home from work, kissed his wife, walked into the den and then promptly sat down on the floor? He was so accustomed to his chair being in the same place, that he never noticed it was moved until it hit him pretty hard!

As we continue with our BVCMS facelift,  you may notice that some of your regular links or features are no longer where they were previously. We don’t want you to be as surprised as the man in the joke! Actually, they are very discoverable (as was the man’s chair, if he had only looked!). However, I do want to point out a few of them and tell you why they were moved.

Notice the Person Page. We moved the picture to the left in business card section and added ‘Click to Update’ on the the picture. Because we want to make that page as neat and clean as possible, we removed the map and driving direction links and put them in a separate link (Maps and Directions) on the right side of the page. You can still click the address for a Google map, if you want. For those with the Contribution or Admin role, they will see another link on the right side (Other Management). This is where the links are for Contributions, Delete Person, and Move Person . Much cleaner look, don’t you think?

We followed a similar strategy on the Organization page. There is a link on the right of the page for Other Management. This contains the following links:

  • Group Member Management
  • Recent Attendance Report
  • Attendance Percentages
  • Volunteer Calendar
  • Copy this Organization
  • Copy Settings
  • Delete this Organization

The Organization Search Page has received a few changes as well. They were basically cosmetic. If you have the role of Org Tagger, you will notice that there is now a box for Manage Divisions.

We also added a link to access the Coupon Page (for those with the Coupon role). It is under the Organization Menu.

All of you BVCMS Admins.we didn’t forget about you! We have moved a number of items around. Take a look under the Admin Menu as well as the Welcome Menu and you will find everything. There are a few new features there that we will be blogging about soon.

That is pretty much it for now. We are continuing on in our quest to make those cosmetic changes, but in the process don’t be surprised if we move your recliner!

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