Online Registrations

Vacation Bible School. Summer Camp. Ladies’ Retreat. Small Groups. Softball teams.

What do all of these (and many more) have in common? They are all using Online Registrations to register people through BVCMS. Why should your church use online registrations? Let me list a few reasons:

  1. Automatic enrollment in the organization, greatly reducing the amount of back-office work.
  2. Automatic email confirmations to the person registering as well as staff notification emails.
  3. Online collection of fees.
  4. Agreement to Terms online before completion of registration, if needed.
  5. Easy capture of insurance information, emergency contact, etc. which is attached to the person’s enrollment record.
  6. Many options for capturing information with checkboxes, yes/no questions, extra questions, etc.
  7. Ability for the person registering to make an extra donation (which is recorded on their giving record) at the time they register.

If you have not begun using online registrations at your church, you might want to consider doing so, as it can make the registration process so much easier for the person registering as well as more efficient for those in the office. Setting up online registrations is straightforward, but we realize that it can be daunting the first time. Please email us at and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Here at Bellevue, we are in the process of registering for Camp Outrageous (our Vacation Bible School), and we already have over 1,800 enrolled and expect to register around 3,000 online before the week of VBS. We also have online registrations for camps, ball teams, discipleship classes, training sessions, trips, and other events going on now as well. Trying to manage all of these without BVCMS and online registration would require so much more man-power and many more hours of work.

Make it easier on yourself.try using online registrations. Read more

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