Days Between First/Second Attendance

Sandy at Cottonwood Creek was trying to use QueryBuilder to ask the question "How long is it taking people to get plugged in to our church after they first attended." We could not come up with a way to do this with any of our existing conditions in QueryBuilder. So we added a new condition. In fact this is how every single condition got into QueryBuilder was through a similar process of asking and needing to provide an answer.

So there is a new QueryBuilder condition called "Days Between First/Second Attend". You find it on the Attendance Tab at the bottom.

Note, that the first attendance is of a type of New Visitor in any organization. This is the first time they stepped into the Church for any event. I would expect that almost 100% of the time that will be Worship but it really doesn’t matter. This is measuring how quickly people are being assimilated into your main fellowship groups.

It looks like this:

Note the lookback days. This is not that critical and probably ought to be some long number. Mainly it would be useful for determining if you were doing a better job now that you were a year ago for example.

Now take note of the fact that the Program/Division are set to Adult Bible Fellowship. The critical number is on the right side. We are showing 180 in this case. This will return a number of people in which it took 180 or more to between when they first visited and when they began to visit a Bible Fellowship class.

So you could run this query with several different numbers for that right side. Say 30, 60, 90, and 180. Then you could pop those numbers into Excel. Keep in mind that the 30 number will include the numbers for 60, 90, and 180, so you will need to normalize the results with this in view by subtraction.

Once you have been collecting attendance for a period of time, this will give you some interesting insights into your effectiveness in assimilation.

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