New Look for the Home Page

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming; the trees are budding. So, it seemed like the perfect time to spruce up the BVCMS Home Page. But, it is more than just a pretty face.there’s more functionality there for you, too.

Your saved Queries and Tags are right there on the Home Page. Plus, you still have your Birthdays, Involvement and Tasks as well as BVCMS News.

We’ve moved a few other items as well. Reports now have their own header and there is a link to the Task page under the People header. Notice the gear in the top right corner. That’s where we moved the links for Logout and Change Password. For those of you who are administrators on the system, there are a few goodies there for you as well. Also, there is a new way to add users – the link is on the person’s User tab.

Stayed tuned in the upcoming days for information on how the Church News section will be used.

Oh, by the way.since you are reading this blog, then you noticed that it is highlighted in red. Caught your eye, didn’t it? Any blog post less than a week old will appear that way, so you won’t miss the latest news.

We hope you enjoy the changes. Thank you Chris and team for your excellent design suggestions!

PS  You may notice a few glitches as you navigate through the system. We will clean those up over the next few days.

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