Manage Emails

Those of you who send emails through BVCMS (and there are a TON of you!) will have noticed that your Sent Email confirmation looks a little different now. Instead of it just containing the list of your recipients, there is a link that shows the number of emails sent. Clicking the link will take you to an email management page with a lot more information regarding your emails. At the top of the page are statistics relating to when it was queued, when it was sent, etc. Below that is the actual content of your email, which is then followed by a list of your recipients.

The list is more than just a record of those to whom you sent the message. Each name is actually a link to the list of all emails that person has received from you since we started this type of tracking.

This management page is just one more tool we have put in your hands to help you as you minister to the body.

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