Contact your Contactors

Everyone likes to be appreciated and to know that someone has thought of them. You know how vital it is to contact your guests/visitors/prospects/absent members and how much they appreciate a phone call or a visit.

Well, have you thought about encouraging those staff members and lay leaders who are making those Contacts? Not only are they taking the time to make a personal visit to a perfect stranger or pick up the phone and talk to someone, they are going that little extra step and recording those as Contacts in BVMCS. That is such an important step! BVCMS is all about people, and knowing what’s been done as follow-up with prospects or absent members is absolutely critical to effective church growth!

So, why not send a Thank You email each week (or month) to everyone who has recorded that they have made a Personal Visit or a Phone Call?

We’ve given you a new tool to help you do this! On the Contact Search page, you will notice a link – ‘Convert to Query’. First you filter for Contacts using any of these fields: Start and End Date; Contact Type; Ministry. Then click the Convert to Query link which will take you to Query Builder with a pre-built query. Just click Run to see a list of the individuals who made those Contacts.

Now you can send an email thanking them for reaching out to others.

Of course, this is not the only use for this new feature. It is a handy way for you to track who is making contacts – as you can filter for the date range, type of contact made, even the ministry involved. Then when you Convert to Query, you see exactly who was responsible for making those contacts.

Thank you Carol & Eric for planting the seed for this feature.

PS  For those of you who like to create queries, you can start in Query Builder and use the new Condition on the Growth Tab named ‘Made Contact Type as of.’. This allows you to add other conditions in case you want to see how many Deacons, or Small Group Leaders have made contacts.

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