New Option for Driving Directions or Maps

Recently, Julie Jordan (Bellevue Arlington) contacted me after she had tried to go see a recent visitor and got confusing directions when clicking on the Driving Directions link on BVCMS. Google was directing her to an entirely different address from the one on the person’s record! 

This happens sometimes.Google just gets it wrong! So, we have added a 2nd option for you. We put a ‘bing’ option on the business card section of the people records. Clicking on the address or on ‘directions’ will use Google; clicking ‘bing’ will use bing.


There are a couple of things you should remember: 1) Google can be wrong; 2) bing can be wrong. Neither are infallible. However, there is a clue to let you know if they are providing the correct map/directions. Always check the address that is displayed in the map or the destination for the driving directions. If it does not match the address on the person’s record, use the other option. Chances are one of the 2 options will get it right.

Look at the top of the page when you are taken to the map.notice the address.see if it matches.

Example of Google getting an address wrong:


Same address on bing:

BingCorrect sure to check the address on the map/driving directions. If the address is different , then try the other option.

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