Just Added Member Status

What is a ‘Just Added’ Member Status and Why Are all those Tasks on my Homepage?!

Every new record that is added to BVCMS will have the Church Member Status of Just Added. This status is designed to be temporary – to be a flag that this person has just been added to the database. That status should be changed (by someone with the Membership role), but only AFTER a few tasks have been performed.

We could have just skipped this step and given every new record a Church Member Status of Not Member, but there are very good reasons why we didn’t.

These new records need to be thoroughly vetted by the person who created the record and again by the New People Manager to insure that 1) there is not already a record (a ‘duplicate’) for this person, 2) that everything on that person’s record is as complete as it can be, and 3) that we have that person in the correct family. And the best time to do that is just after the record has been added. Hence the catchy term ‘Just Added’!

If you have a role in BVCMS that allows you to create new people records.adding visitors to a meeting, adding people to families, adding members to an organization.then you will have Tasks about those new records. Each task will be named ‘New Person Data Entry’ and will display the name of the new record you created. Read more in the wiki article about the steps you should follow to complete your New Person Data Entry tasks.

Posted by Karen

One thought on “Just Added Member Status

  1. Bob Dawkins

    David and Karen,

    This is a GREAT way to verify the new information. Really appreciate your work.
    Bob DAwkins



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