Contribution Statements–Minimum Amount

In this economy, I think we all want to be good stewards of God’s resources. Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to create a total contribution minimum amount of $5.00 as a default for printing a contribution statement. We probably don’t want to spend more on the statement (printing, processing, mailing) than the actual contribution! Some of you have noticed statements for children in which the total amount given was under a dollar. While we certainly want to encourage children to give, printing a year-end IRS-compliant contribution statement for them is probably not the way to do that.

Along those same lines, we realize that many of you may want to actually make that minimum amount more than $5.00. Therefore, we now have a setting that will allow you to set the minimum for your church.

The setting must be created on the Settings page by the BVCMS Admin at your church. The setting name should be MinContributionAmount. Once the setting is created, enter a dollar amount without the dollar sign.50.00 for example.

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