Photos Made Easy

Do I know him?

How many times have you seen a name or been told about a church member and had that same thought? We’ve made capturing photos of your congregation about as simple as it could possibly get.

RisingSignKioskUsing new kiosks made by our friends at Rising Signs and a built-in photo capture in our Check-In software, we have the ability to take pictures right at the kiosk, crop them with a single click and send them to a person’s record in BVCMS. We actually tested this in three different settings in the past couple of weeks.

The first case was for one of our recreation directors, who asked if he could use a kiosk to capture the photos of all his coaches when they came to his coaches meeting. Hats off to Derek for stepping up & taking ownership of this project for his lay leaders! He was able to photograph about 40 coaches as they arrived at the meeting.

The second use case was for a large Life Group on Sunday morning. Way to go Eric! He got over 70 of his class members to show up on time (some were even early) and get their pictures taken before class. It took a little over forty minutes to get 70 pictures. Not bad.

We also placed a kiosk in our Grand Foyer during our Volunteer Fair on Sunday and captured photos of those who came by the booths.

We’ll post a blog with some tips we have learned in these various settings on the best way to setup your kiosk, how to queue people, how to avoid people in the background, lighting etc.

There are many reasons that we want to capture photos for our members/attendees. One of which is the desire by many classes to create a PDF photo directory that can be emailed to their class members. Once the photos are in the system, it is just a matter of exporting them using the Export Pictures feature on the toolbar and then using a Word merge to create a directory. We also have a Family Export that can be used in conjunction with the picture export to add the names of the other family members to the directory. We have instructions explaining how to use the export with a merge document.

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