New Website

I hope you like our new website. We have had lots of compliments on it so far. The combination of professional design by the great folks at and all the great testimonies of our clients really makes for a great story. And we have streamlined the demo signup process too. You fill out the form and get your credentials for the demo site right away! There are a lot of behind the scenes changes too that will make it easier for us to serve our clients well. Eventually we’ll port all the wiki documentation to this site too for a consistent look and feel.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. larry aaron

    New website looks good. But try viewing in a medium to small window. You’ll see that the left margin of the text is directly up against the left edge of the window and so it is hard to read.

    In viewing in full screen in my IE browser, there’s way too much left margin.

    Your developer ought to be able to fix this with a litlle programming.

    BTW: If this comment page had a spot to upload a photo, I’d have sent along a screen shot.


  2. david

    Larry, I see what you mean. There are several things I am not so happy about on this site. But it is certainly an improvement over the first site we had. May need to get in there my self and do this.



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