Paperless Registration

This article was published in June, 2010. This was several years prior to the name change to TouchPoint Software.

The BVCMS team has had an exciting start to the summer, going nearly paperless for CampOutrageous (Vacation Bible School) registration for the first time. It was a terrific success! By the Sunday before CampOutrageous, over 2,600 children had registered online and were enrolled in their appropriate groups. Registration has previously been done on hand-written cards that were deciphered and typed into the church system-a very laborious process with sketchy results. Many cards were difficult, if not impossible, to read and many others were incomplete, requiring many phone calls to find out the missing information. By asking the parents register their children online, we have been able to obtain complete and accurate information without any effort on the part of the Children’s ministry staff. This makes our follow-up process for prospects much more efficient, as the information is in BVCMS the moment the parent clicks Submit. Also the response from parents has been extremely positive, with comments such as “Thank you. This is so much easier than last year.”

To facilitate this process, we modified our touch screen check-in system to allow easy registration for those last minute folks who did not register online. By the time parents finished registration, new records were created and their child’s enrollment was complete within BVCMS.

We are thankful for our wonderful staff ladies who volunteer to assist our guests. We wre able to enroll 327 new children Monday morning-over 150 of which were new records! This process was a ministry opportunity for our ladies to talk to our guests and give them a warm Bellevue welcome while walking them through the kiosk registration. First impressions are lasting impressions and they made a good one!

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