Hosting Boasting

Well not that much to boast about but it’s a milestone anyway. We now have three churches setup for hosting at

Here’s how it works. Just contact us and tell us you want us to host your church’s database and management system. We’ll setup a starter database for you which will contain a bare minimum of data. (just enough to get the program to run).

Then we’ll give you a URL such as (this one’s not hooked up). You’ll have your own database and can start adding people and organizations. We’ll help you do that. Of course if you’d like for us to convert some existing data, we’ll be glad to work on that for you. Also be sure to read the article about how to enlist your membership to help build your database.

We’ll keep nightly backups for you and I’ll eventually put a download link on your admin page where you can download the previous night’s backup. That way, with the source code from codeplex, you could always move the entire church management system on to your own servers.

How much does it cost for us to host your church? Right now, nothing. I really don’t have a clue right now how much to charge for this and I really want to get the ball rolling and learn what all is going to be involved. Basically it will be on a usage basis. In other words we’ll use some formula based on the number of records in the system. But I can assure you it will be cost effective over managing your own server, users, releases, backups etc.

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