Off-site Attendance

Mission Trips – Choir Tours – Student Ministry Camps

These are all Bellevue sponsored events that take our members out of town. We want to ensure that, if these trips span a Sunday (or any other day with meetings scheduled – like DiscipleLife or Women’s Ministry), participants’ Bible Fellowship, Choir attendance, etc. does not suffer. We also want to code their attendance history so that their teachers or group leaders know that they are off-site participating in a Bellevue event.

So, here’s how to handle these situations:

When creating a roster for a trip, you need to do 2 things:

1) Make the roster an ‘Off-Site’ roster. This is on the Settings tab. Click Edit and select Off-Site for the Attendance Classification.

2) Also on the Settings tab, enter a First Meeting Date and a Last Meeting Date. These will be the dates your group will be out of town.

3) Click Update to save these settings.

Any meeting that occurs during that date range for an organization in which a trip participant is enrolled will trigger marking that person with an ‘Off-Site’ attendance for that meeting.


John Smith is scheduled to participate in a Mission Trip from January 7th – 14th (Wed. through Tues). He is enrolled in a Bible Fellowship Class and the Adult Choir. For the choir, he will be automatically marked as ‘Off-Site’ for Wed. night choir rehearsal and for Sunday morning Worship. He will also be marked as ‘Off-Site’ in his Bible Fellowship class. An Off-Site attendance is designated with an ‘O’ in the person’s attendance string and does not help or hurt their attendance percentage.

Note to class secretaries: Do not mark someone present on your roll sheet if you know they are away on a Bellevue-sponsored trip. Their being enrolled in an off-site roster will trigger their attendance to be marked automatically by CMS2 at the time attendance is entered for your class.

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